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Satellite TV from PC is an interesting software tool for watching TV channels on your computer. No more monthly charges or hidden fees; just get this tool and you can watch your favorite channels for free. Satellite TV from PC has more than three thousand and Five Hundred TV channels available, without the need for TV cards on your computer. Watch TV in several languages such as English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch and many others. Browse your favorite shows by country or region name, for instance: Africa, Japan, England, Vietnam, Iran, etc. Satellite TV from PC is used by over one million clients around the world who enjoy the wide variety of channels available to them. It also has a feature for listening to hundreds of radio stations. Satellite TV from PC opens an entire world of entertainment directly into your computer, there's no longer any reason to pay for other services. If you want to know more and purchase the software you can visit http://www.satelliteonlinetv.com